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Tiny MCE and simplebrowser

- STEFi - 2007-06-07 17:51:13
Looking for free file manager for TinyMCE? Several notes about implementation simplebrowser to Joomla TinyMCE....

I decided to install new Joomla 1.5 Beta due to code mess in previous version (1.0.x ). I get cleaner code, easy to use adminstration interface, etc. Default Joomla installation includes TinyMCE wysiwyg editor but there is a lack of file manager. File manager plugin is not free. Usually I use JCE editor but it is available only for stable version 1.0.x. Other editors I was unable to install.

Where to start
On this page you can find package for installation. In Joomla 1.5 Beta is TinyMCE version 2.0 so download propper package It is older version and there are few bugs which I had to fix. First of all the simplebrowser has slightly different philosophy compared to Joomla fila manager (media manager). Files are divided to Images, Files, Flash and Media. I don't like this and changed it to joomla-like. Second problem was focus on parent window from which is simplemanager started. These two main problems I had to solve.

Installation process

1. donwload plugin
2. unzip to the folder simplebrowser to your Joomla directory "yourJoomla/plugins/editors/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins"
3. edit file "yourJoomla/plugins/editors/tinymce.php"
4. change this (line 290):
plugins : "advlink, advimage, $plugins",
plugins : "advlink, advimage,simplebrowser, $plugins",

5. add this (my recommendation after line 290):
file_browser_callback : "TinyMCE_simplebrowser_browse",
plugin_simplebrowser_browselinkurl : '../simplebrowser/browser.html?Connector=connectors/php/connector.php',
plugin_simplebrowser_browseimageurl : '../simplebrowser/browser.html?Type=Image&Connector=connectors/php/connector.php',
plugin_simplebrowser_browseflashurl : '../simplebrowser/browser.html?Type=Flash&Connector=connectors/php/connector.php',

6. In simplebrowser drectory edit connectors/php/config.php and change the path to your files (/images/ for me)

7. In simplebrowser drectory edit connectors/php/connector.php
line 83 to: FileUpload( '', $sCurrentFolder ) ;
line 93 to: GetFolders( '', $sCurrentFolder ) ;
line 96 to: GetFoldersAndFiles( '', $sCurrentFolder ) ;

8. In simplebrowser drectory edit connectors/php/io.php
line 26 to: return 'images' . $folderPath ;

9. In simplebrowser drectory edit frmresourceslist.html
In function OpenFile remove focus command, my function:

function OpenFile( fileUrl )
{ ; ;

Well, that's all.

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