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Joomla tips and tricks

- STEFi - 2009-12-01 15:48:18
several joomla templates and compoments developer tips and tricks: breadcrumbs navigation inside content component, css list menu separator...

CSS list menu separator

Usual horizontal menu delimiter is pipe "|". There is no any feature like this in the mod_mainmenu in Joomla 1.5.x. In menu module parameters there is separator value that it is used only in case of rendering menu as a table. It is not clean usage of table anymore. The easiest way to create css separator is use override method inside yours template.

1. Create "html/mod_mainmenu" folder inside your template folder.

complete path to this folder: joomla-home/templates/your-template-name/html/mod_mainmenu/

2. Copy default.php from modules/mod_mainmenu/tmpl to created folder.

3. Edit default.php and change

if ($node->name() == 'ul') {
foreach ($node->children() as $child)
if ($child->attributes('access') > $user->get('aid', 0)) {


if ($node->name() == 'ul') {
foreach ($node->children() as $child)
if ($child->attributes('access') > $user->get('aid', 0)) {
$children_count = count($node->children());
foreach ($node->children() as $child) {
if ($children_index == 0) {
$child->addAttribute('class', 'first');
if ($children_index == $children_count - 1) {
$child->addAttribute('class', 'last');

Breadcrumbs navigation inside content component

Sometime graphic designers became crazy and place breadcrumbs navigation in the middle of content. How to solve it. I use again small trick from Joomla forum. I disable bradcrumbs module in module manager. And overwrite com_content for rendering breadcrumbs module directly.

My example:


file (I made changes only in this template):

I need to place navigation after section description... added code on line 31 after endif of description block:

<?php // ls 20091201 - breadcrumbs
$document = &JFactory::getDocument();
$renderer = &document->loadRenderer('module');
$Module = &JModuleHelper::getModule('mod_breadcrumbs');
echo $renderer->render($Module);

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